Our steel stamp engraving is geared to giving the best impression possible with a focus on stamp longevity. Our stamps are used on building hardware and metals of all kinds and various other applications to give a lasting impression for maximum customer recognition.

We engrave on customer die set type stamps, and produce hand stamps for small volume applications. Our computer assisted design and manufacturing allows us to take company logos and designs and produce steel stamps for a accurate and uniform impression. We also manufacture branding dies for identitifcation in wood. These dies can be mounted to electrical irons of various wattage depending on the size of the barnd and the application.


Our lamicoid nameplates as used for a variety of applications, from industrial control labeling to signage for institutional buildings and architectural display. Our materials range in a variety of colors (background and lettering) to meet your coordinated layout needs. Control panel push button plates such as Allen Bradley 22 mm and 30 mm are produced and engraved on site. We also specialize in name badges, door and room signs, directional signage, warning and danger signs.

We manufacture reverse engraved nameplates designed to be engraved on back of plate and color filled to give you a smooth front finish. Machine nameplates can be made in metals such as aluminum, brass and stainless steel. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions in regards to what we can do for your nameplate needs.

Embossing Dies

Steel - male and female embossing dies for marking metal giving a clear raised image are part of our specialized engraving. We have the capacity to engrave roller dies for the same application in male and female parts.

Our engraving of multilevel and 3 dimensional paper embossing dies make for a clear crisp image to maximize the impression quality you require.